Monday, 7 November 2011

Dear Prudence, let me see your smile

Yesterday was a bad day. I had those thoughts. I hate thinking about cutting myself. I haven't been thinking about it for ages, and yesterday I did.I don't know why, but the thought appeared suddenly. But today, I hope, will be a good day and I'll be in a good mood, especially because I'm meeting my  friends in the evening. 


salad - 150 kcal
cereals with milk - 150 kcal
2 big coffees - 50 kcal
3 rice cakes - 106 kcal


456 kcal
( + excersises x 2)

Not bad!

Dear Prudence - The Beatles (bootleg - recorded in George Harrison's house)


  1. Those thoughts are dreadful, but it's dealing with those thoughts that makes us stronger people.

    I hope today went well x

  2. My sister loves loves loves the beatles. Thoughts about cutting will always be there once you cut. The difference is having the resolve to not do it. Sometimes you win, sometimes we lose. Stay strong. :) Xo

  3. heiscertainlyworthit - I hope I'l be strong.

    Fat Piggy - I agree. But I was shocked that I thought about it, because last I had those thoughts few years ago.