Wednesday, 2 November 2011

So, so, strange

Ok, today's the day I'll eat less than 400 kcal. Yes, that's my plan. I've eaten one rice cake (36 kcal) and drunk one coffe (15 kcal). Not bad. 

There'll be 2 more coffes today (30 kcal). I'll eat my dinner after 8 pm. I know, it's late, but till then I'll eat 2 more rice cakes (72 kcal). For dinner, I'll eat a salad - lettuce, pepper, mustard, egg white, linseed, bran, tomato (for about 150 kcal). Oh yes, I love planning. 

I'm in a good mood. I love such mornings when I have a lot of energy. Problems still exist, but I don't matter any more. For some time.


So it should be 303 kcal. We'll see.

The pic is strange. I feel that way today. Funny and strange. 


  1. hehe i know how you feel xD

  2. That's an awesome plan! I shall join you on your 400 mission! Xo

  3. Ha, yesterday was 700 kcal, maybe today I'll make it.