Wednesday, 9 November 2011


The meeting was great. We were talking about law (my friend is a lawyer) and punishment. About crimes, especially murders and statistics. I didn't know that 70% homicide cases are unsolved each year. When I was younger I was reading detective stories for all of the time (I still love Christie and Conan Doyle), I was so so so so interested and happy that someone can tell me more about the real trials.I know I am creepy :)

So I drunk 2 beers, of course, I couldn't resist. I came back home at 11 pm, being tired and hungry,  I made some spaghetti with spinach (not good). I ate 994 kcal yesterday, and half of it was a beer. Not too bad. 

Not too good at the other hand. I have to eat less than 600 kcal today. My weight is killing me. It's still 130 Ibs. 


2 x Desperados - 472 kcal
1/2 apple - 40 kcal
1 rice cake - 36 kcal
3 x coffe - 100 kcal (fat milk)
spaghetti - 350 kcal


998 kcal

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Dream a little dream of me

This song makes me dream about first snow. Me, coffe, cigarette in a little cafe.

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