Sunday, 23 October 2011

2 days ago

That was the worst weekend ever. I'm exhausted. I've talked to my husband on Saturday about the whole situation (means "the mother"). He told me he understands (bullshit), but I have to get my head together (it's easy to say) and stop being so nevous about it because I've got my own family (as if I could cut off my parents so easily). And if not it'll influence our marriage (in the next 25 years). So I asked him if it's a damn arrangement and his new terms (of course it was). He said no, but I know it was a warning.

But to the point, only liquids today. I was a good girl and excersised in the morning and I'm proud. :) Less than 1000 callories - that's my plan.


  1. Family "issues" suck...

    Sort of going through something similar with my hubby's family...

    In laws can ttly suck.... *sigh* ...

    GL with the liquid day :)