Sunday, 30 October 2011


you can be so strong, deary. just find it within yourself. perhaps you don't have to starve yourself, but at least have enough faith in yourself that you can eat adequately (moderate amount of junk, mostly healthy, etc). I've read your blog, and you're this strong willed, valiant girl- so find it within yourself.
We can do it both, together.

Of course we can :) I made myself to excersise yesterday evening and felt better. This morning I've mande some extra excersises. And now I can say, I'm back! :) Sometimes the little voice in my head (the bad one) says I can eat everything's in my fridge. Especially if it's weekend and I'm not blogging, not going to work, not looking at thispo. 

At 132 and 5'6'', you are the same bmi as me at 4'11.75'' and 112 pounds. So let's encourage each other, eh? 

I'd love to! :) 

I pretty much spent all of saturday and today watching season 7 and what's out of season 8 - sad yet comforting. I always take solice in the fact that by comparison, I'm only a tiny fuck up! HAha. XX

I'm not a fan, but yesterday was a House day in AXN and I couldn't resist. I love the Cuddy look. Maybe one day I'll look like her. :)


I've just seen a face - Across the Universe OST

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