Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Need to feel warm embrace

It`ll be a short post. I`m sitting,waiting for my two friends,drinking double cappucino (30 kcal), reading `Wintergirls`. Oh yes, it tastes great. I`ve eaten a sandwich (300 kcal) and an apple (50 kcal),drunk two coffies (20 kcal). I will drink a beer (250 kcal).

I will be a good evening after a good day.

My aunt is very ill. She has a cancer and the doctor says she will have a surgery (but there is no hope). I called her this morning,trying to help her. She needs so much attention now. She needs to feel my love. I have always problems with emotions and talking about them. Now I am trying hard to be patient. saying all of those things... It`s strange. I am strange. I said her something I read in a book. It was a quote. I couldn`t use my own words because I felt nothing. I feel nothing,emptiness. That`s odd.


cappucino 30 kcal
sandwich 300 kcal
apple 50 kcal
2 coffies 20 kcal
Beer ( Desperados x 2) 472 kcal


872 kcal 

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