Friday, 21 October 2011


Of course I ate those cereals yesterday evening :) I hate the sound of eating. When I've heard my husband's eating I had to eat. Two days ago I didn't and it wasn't a good idea. Or, it was. But I wasn't strong enough yesterday.  I was angry. So angry I couldn't look at him, or listening to that crunching. Yesterday was OK. No it wasn't. I just put some cereals (no so much) in the cup and poured milk. I ate it and felt better for a while. Not so long. 

 Well, but I ate only 20 g of it and 1/2 glass of milk (2%). It's 150 kcal. Not so bad, still under 700 kcal.

But I know I didn't need it physically. It was wrong. My stomach was full, my mouth didn't want it. My ears wanted to hear the sound of crunching. 

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