Friday, 21 October 2011


It's 6 am and I've just ended my excerises. Yes, afer yesterday (dissaster, more than 2000 kcal, it's a shame) I decided to excersise 2 times a day. Hope I will.

Yesterday, I ate so many things... (I was stupid pig, wanting just to fill my mouth. Disguisting). I was suppose to wait for my parents on the station. When I went there I decided I have to burn some callories. And that's the funny part of the story. I was going up and down on the stairs (150 kcal), walking (150 kcal). I was looking like a little freak, I suppose, walking around, climbing the stairs again and again, looking around if there's my parents' bus anywhere. Of course I missed it, at last. :)

(I'm writting and eating a cake at the same time. I just can't stop. I'll be fasting from the Monday. God, I feel so full. I want to purge. But no, it's not a solution. I have to pay for eating. Fast & Excersises.)

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