Monday, 17 October 2011

Yesterday and today

Yesterday was not too bad. I've eaten the first meal at 6 pm.  4 toasts with cheese and pepper. Almost 1000 kcal. Fuck.  Then I've eaten cereals (150 kcal) and cottage cheese (fat free) (100 kcal). To summ up, 1150 kcal.  Not so bad, but not good.

Today I'm very excited. I'll spend all the day on my feets, and burn lot of callories. I don't have to go to the work, and that's great. For the breakfast I've eaten cereals (200 kcal). I'm planning to drink one/two beer/s (250 kcal / 500 kcal), eat an apple (50 kcal) and rice with pepper (200 kcal). To summ up, it'll be less than 1000 kcal per day.

It's a very important day for my brother, he's graduating today. And that's why I'll drink a beer :) I'm stressed, hoping everything will be ok, and he'll deal with the last exam. 

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