Friday, 14 October 2011

The Fat History

Twiggy, my best inspiration. I'm dying to look like she. And I will. A year ago I couldn't imagine I can have long hair. Now it's longer that I've ever had. And I'm proud of it. The last year I didn't even think I can loose my weight. I was 154 Ibs, thinking I'm looking good. Well, today I know  I know I was so fat, looking like a pig. Now, I am 130 Ibs. And it's not enough. 

I'm 170 cm tall, and I weigh 130 Ibs. I need to reach 121 Ibs. I look at myself and I can only see the fat. Everywhere. Love handles. Bullshit, there's no love in it. Just disgusting fat. I'd cut it from my body, just cut it out. But I can't. It's not that easy. Need to loose it. And that's the plan. Hope I'm strong enough to reach 121 Ibs. 

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