Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Not bad / not good

The girl looks great. Such a lovely face, and her arms... so slim. I love this pic. It's my thinspiration for today.
Yesterday I got my period, so (of course) I ate a lot. I realized that during the period (1st day) I don't eat anything (because I'm not hungry) or I eat a lot. This time I ate 20 bisquits (1 is 11 kcal) with chocolate cream (1 spoon is 80 kcal). (OMG!!! 380 kcal). 

It wasn't more than 1200 kcal yesterday and it's not  that bad. I could have eaten more (and more and more). But I didn't (positive thinking, tx *Star*) :)


  1. That's nit so bad, don't worry :) its not enough calories to gain any real weight :)
    Lottie x

  2. Im so happy that you take my advice! Well done!! Kiss